Im Rahmen der Autumn School „Digitale Edition – Vertiefung und Nutzung“ hält  Jan Rybicki (Krakau) einen öffentlichen Abendvortrag mit dem Titel „Distant Reading Digital Texts“. Der Vortrag findet am 1. Oktober 2018 um 18 Uhr am Institut für Neuzeit- und Zeitgeschichtsforschung (INZ) der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien, Hollandstraße 11-13, Raum 01.50 statt.

Wir möchten Sie herzlich zum Vortrag einladen und freuen uns auf Ihr Kommen!

Stylometric analysis of 40 German versions of Othello, © Tom Cheesman and Jan Rybicki


Abstract: Distant Reading, Macroanalysis, Stylometry and Computational Stylistics are strongly overlapping terms that are often used almost as synonyms. They all apply various computational quantitative methods to gain new insights into literature, and they depend on digital texts of all kinds, from plain text files to heavily marked-up digital editions, for what to distant-read, analyze, and measure. Despite growing empirical evidence and often spectacular (or at least visually-striking) results, challenges to these non-traditional studies of the literary art include obstacles to accessibility of the texts, an uncertain theoretical basis and an uneasy relationship with mainstream humanities. This presentation presents examples of what can or cannot be done to texts with quantitative methods and attempts to address some of the above challenges.

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Jan Rybicki: Distant Reading Digital Texts, 1.10.2018, Wien