The tools wall in Paul Doyle's instrument workshop, Galway "Building the Community of Digital Humanities Software Developers". – The discovered needs for the creation of digital scholarly editions induced the development of very specialized tools for transcribing, annotating and publishing of historical documents and literary texts in the recent years. Most of these tools are produced with very little funding. Hence it is rather irritating that many tools address almost the same requirements.

To contribute to the develpoment of a developer community in the Digital Humanities which can reuse existing tools the Institute for Documentology and Scholarly Editing (IDE) in cooperation with the Cologne Center for eHumanities (CCeH) and the International Center for Archival Research (ICARus) organizes a workshop “Developing Tools for the digital scholarly edition”. It takes place 28 and 29 November at the University at Cologne, Germany.

The workshop will try to further the development of a well connected digital humanities developers community. It shall present existing tools and ongoing projects and discuss how these tools could be improved to increase acceptance in the humanities scholars community. It addresses an audience of digital humanities developers with interest in the field of digital scholarly editions and humanities scholars interested in discussing the existing tools.


Tools for Digital Scholarly Editions. Workshop, Cologne, 28.-29. Nov. 2011