We are happy to announce the eleventh issue of the review journal RIDE, which has been published since 2014 by the Institute for Documentology and Scholarly Editing. This issue is the first in the RIDE-series dedicated to “Tools and Environments for Digital Scholarly Editing”. Initiators and guest editors of the issue are Anna-Maria Sichani and Elena Spadini.

The idea behind this new thematic focus in the RIDE-series is that software is part of the scholarly ecosystem and as such should be valued and reviewed. Furthermore, we hope that reviews of tools and environments can be useful for those involved in the creation of scholarly editions, to find the right software for each specific need.  All reviews reflect a detailed catalogue of evaluation criteria (https://www.i-d-e.de/publikationen/weitereschriften/criteria-tools-version-1/) and are accompanied by a summarizing factsheet (see „Meta“ rubric of each article).

RIDE 11 issue includes five reviews in English (4) and French (1) that critically assess Tools and Environments for Digital Scholarly Editing. For your convenience, this is the table of contents:

All reviews can be accessed for free here: http://ride.i-d-e.de/issues/issue-11
Enjoy the RIDE!

RIDE 11 on “Tools and Environments for Digital Scholarly Editing” published!