[In preparation, to be published in 2019]

Edited by Roman Bleier (IDE, DiXiT, Centre for Information Modelling at the University of Graz) and Vinayak Das Gupta (An Foras Feasa, Maynooth University).

The version of a cultural object is identified, articulated, and analysed through diverse mechanisms in different fields of study. The study of versions allows for the investigation of the creative processes behind the conception of the object, a closer inspection of the socio-political contexts that affect it, and may even provide the means to investigate the provenance and the object’s circulation. The publication brings together contributions for scholars from different research areas  that work with different forms of media, including  text, image, and sound. The term “versioning” is considered in the broadest sense; while the understanding of versions differ in disciplines, this volume will explore the convergences and variances in its conception. The conversation will  highlight  the range and depth of existing studies  and  provide an inter-disciplinary understanding of the term.
The volume is based on a series of presentations held at the symposium „Versioning Cultural Objects (VCO)“, Maynooth University.
Programme of the symposium: VCO_symposium_programme

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